Watchmaker Set

Watchmaker Set

AO56505 - Maintenance kit for watches

Watch maintenance kit. The kit consists of: 3 metal tweezers, 1 plastic tweezers, 3 metal screwdrivers, 1 pocket knife, 1 jar of silicone grease, 1 Jexa apricassa with interchangeable tips, 1 file on wood (length 24 cm) 1 hammer for watchmakers (length 22cm x 6 cm) 1 polishing cloth, 1 awl with wooden handle, 1 base to support 5x5 h 2.5 cm clock 1 clamp...

AO202101 - Mini tool kit for watchmakers

The kit consists of quality screwdriver, blade 1.00 mm quality screwdriver, blade 1.60 mm spring bar tool Plastic tweezers can opener for screwed enclosures can opener for printed cases made in Switzerland
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