Shopper Bronze


BRS1 - Shopper Bronze 16x20 cm

Bronze Shopper 16x20 cm Depth: 8 cm Recommended combination with cartons: Barros case / display 7x7 cm h 7 cm per ring Dimensions: 7x7 cm h 7 cm "Dubai" case for 60x60 ring Without case
32x9 cm Bronze Shopper for bracelet Recommended combination with: Barros case / display 26x26 h 5 cm for bronze metallised paper bracelet. Interior: cream imitation leather. Without case
Bronze shopper size: 26 x 13 cm. Height: 22 c Depth: 13 cm Recommended combination with: Barros for pearl necklace in bronze metallic paper. Interior: cream imitation leather. Dimensions: 18X18 H 7 cm Dubai line for necklace Dimensions: 187x187xH50mm
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