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Buying on is safe and easy.

The safety of your purchasing is a foundamental aspect for us.
To safeguard fully your privacy, uses the service provider PayPal, worldleader for payment by credit card through the Internet.


Choose the items you desire. At the moment of payment, automatically, the system of Astuccishop breed a “shopping trolley” with your data (address, personal details, telephone numbers). Anyway your credit card data are not communicated to us. They are directly passed to PayPal, responsible for checking the data processed and for communicating to us the transaction issue.

At the end of the trading , you will directly receive from PayPal a confirm e-mail, in addition to ours.


Sure. Paypal settle million of transaction every year and it is provided of the most sophisticated technologies serving the safety of transactions. For any further information visit the PayPal  website.

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