Orders by fax

Would you send your order by FAX?

It's that simple. Download the order form already filled in, enter your details and items you want, enter the correct sales price listed on the site.

Remember to include a phone number and / or a valid email address to contact you.

Sign the form and send it by fax to 0039 825.1800895, we will be happy to ship your order as soon as possible. For any information regarding your order, you can call us on 0039 825 523595 or send an e-mail to info@astuccishop.com.
  • Orders received unsigned, incomplete or with errors in the prices of the items will be rejected without notice.
  • If paying by bank transfer, your order will be processed only after receipt of payment.
  • For orders by fax apply the conditions of sale printed on www.astuccishop.com

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