Astucci in plastica per fedi in similpelle rossa 7x4,5 cm h4 cm


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Reference: BA.A.07407

Kappetta air aspirator for dust recovery

Extractor hood for gold dust recovery Led illumination Usable for cleaner and micro-drill. TNT filter for dust recovery ideal for welding fumes, wax processing. TCA filter with activated carbon / Power: 300W 220-240V / 50-60Hz 300 m3 Dimensions: cm. 25 L x 40 W x 38 H Weight: 10 Kg weight Delivery in 7 days from the order

Price €340.00
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Reference: VRS4

Kit window display + flocked beige

Window kit in wood + flocked beige composed of: base 1) 24x16x, height 4cm. base 2) 20.5x15, height 2 cm. Picture frame espalier 3) 20x30 cm. 1 pillow x bracelet, 1 pad for ring, display for pendant.

Price €22.90
In stock

Reference: AUG.4622.62

Diamond Tester ''Gem Tester II''

This gemstone tester provides a quick, lab-proven way to identify diamonds / moissanite and separate the most popular colored gems from each other. Accurate execution is based on the fact that several precious stones lead heat at different speeds. - The industry's thinnest probe tip (0.6mm) for testing 0.002ct gemstones - Calibration via two two...

Price €197.00
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Reference: BAI.JOL

PLATY 'minigalvanic' rhodiator with 4 containers of 100 ml

Minigalvanic rhodium plating machine for small items. The rhodium machine consists of: 4 100 ml pyrex glass containers. Anodes in steel, in platinized titanium and gripper for included objects. Complete with lid. Dimensions: cm. 24 x 16 x 14 h. Weight kg. 2.5 30 Watt 3.5 Amp. Available in 10 days from order.

Price €418.00
In stock

Reference: BAI.R.07101

'FLASH' galvanic rhodium press with two 1 liter tanks

Galvanic rhodiator 'FLASH' 2 PIREX tanks of 1 Lt., both heated. Power 10 Amp. - Fine adjustment 0-15 Volt d.c. Pre-set heating power: 100 Watt, 220 V. Supplied complete with: - Ti-Pt mesh anode x Rhodium plating, Gilding, etc ... - Stainless steel anode for degreasing - Cable for objects with crocodile clamp - Protection Cover and Instruction...

Price €756.00
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Reference: LABR

Jewelboxes for bracelet covered with button closure. color of your choice

Jewelboxes for bracelet covered with button closure.Jewelbox for bracelet covered with button closure. Including of box. Choice colors: White exterior with white interior. Red exterior with white interior. Burgundy exterior with red velvet interior. Including of yellow controscatolo. Choice of colors: interior, red and bordeaux

Price €0.79
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