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AO311945 - Professional spot welder for goldsmiths '' Lampert PUK 5.1 ''


Professional spot welder for goldsmiths '' Lampert PUK 5.1 ''

The Lampert PUK 5.1 spot welder is the new intuitive and professional device for goldsmiths.

The new SM 5.1 welding microscope is equipped with an electronically controlled eye protection filter (DIN3 / DIN11), 10x magnification, LED lighting, tilt adjustment, palm rest and handpiece attachment.


Proven quality and characteristics:

Simple touchscreen operation with scroll function

LED lighting for uniform illumination of the working area

Presets for common materials and welding situations

Power, time and menu navigation adjustment by means of the knob

Help texts that are easy to call up at any time

DIN CERTCO certified eye protection

Device safety tested by CE mark

15 preset welding curves

Memory for 20 individual programs

Software for monitoring the handpiece contacts

Choice of a basic welding cycle

Configuration of the single device

One-handed operation

New to PUK 5.1

Micro welding:

PUK 5.1 can process material thicknesses of less than 0.2 mm.


shorter repetition rates and serial pulses allow for continuous workflow. The added material can therefore be modeled at will. Highly heat conducting materials such as silver, copper and bronze can be worked much better.

Large selection of metals:

optimized welding parameters for copper and bronze. The user thus maintains full control despite the high thermal conductivity.


Spot welder PUK 5.1

Welding microscope SM 5.1


Special electrodes

Diamond wheel

2 connection terminals

Cleaning brush

3 m gas hose

Delivery in 10 - 15 days from the order

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