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Reference: AUG.4611.700

Micromotore a pedale. Modello Escort II Pro

The brushless rotary handpiece is ideal for the jewelery industry, jewelers, goldsmiths, watchmakers and many more.The micromotor is equipped with an easy-to-read digital speed display, self-diagnosis system and error code display function.Low vibration and low noise!Control unit with 2 connections for handpiece, adjustment hammer and connection for...

Price €876.04
In stock

Reference: AUG.4585.M1

M1-Portable Badeco micromotor with handpiece

New, light, ergonomic and stable version, smaller handful, improved electronics - Swiss Made - Supplied: M4 ASF command unit RS2000 micromotor PC 750 pedal on manual control or with the pedal Support for micromotor Quick tightening handpiece nr. 450 including Ø 2.35 mm caliper Technical features: Turn: 2,000 - 20,000 U/MIN (Continuous)...

Price €1,156.64

Reference: BAI.B.06770.FULL

Vacuum bench for FULL model goldsmith

Vacuum bench mod. FULLElectrical system with magneto-thermal, compressed air system with pressure regulator and AIRPEN gun, athermic plate for welding, LED lamp, gas connections, panel socketActivated carbon fume extractor, FILTER BOX Lateral suction complete with SNOD tube and FLEX tube with brush for filings

Price €3,927.00
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Reference: AO313520

Beco Technic steam cleaning machine for goldsmiths

Compact steam cleaning unit with dry steam. Working pressure 4 bar, suitable for the goldsmith laboratory. Steam is generated by distilled water in the housing made of powder-coated steel.Steam emission by handpiecePressure tank capacity: 3.5 litersPressure in the tank: 4 barSteam temperature: 150 ° CPower required: 1100 wattsVolt / Hz: 230 Volt / 60...

Price €1,017.50
In stock

Reference: BAI.I.09314

Wax injector with square hand pump

Injector for 1.5 Kg quarter-shaped waxMade for the injection of liquid wax into rubber molds in the lost wax investment casting process.Made with a compact structure containing the wax tank, complete with manual pump for introducing air into the tank and 0-2.5 Bar control pressure gauge.It is equipped with a luminous general switch, a digital...

Price €607.20
In stock

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