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copy of Rodiatrice con 4 depósitos con ánodos en acero y titanio platinizado y pinza


Compact galvanic plant, highly versatile and easy to use, particularly suitable for goldsmith's, jewelery, dental technicians and model making laboratories.

With this system it is possible to carry out all galvanic operations, such as gilding, rhodium plating, silver plating, nickel plating, thick copper plating, degreasing and electrolytic polishing.

Built in finely oven-painted steel, the COMBI 2 RODIATING MACHINE is equipped with 4 Pyrex borosilicate glass containers with a capacity of 2 lt. each, worktop in antacid pvc and plexiglas lid.

The control panel is equipped with:

- 0-120 ° C thermostat for adjusting the temperature of heatable containers;

- 0-60 second timer with manual / automatic function selector;

- variator with infinite voltage regulation 0-16 Volt in direct current;

- Analog control voltmeter and ammeter;

- warning lights and protection fuses for all functions.

The system is supplied complete with stainless steel and platinized titanium anodes, cable with storage clamp.

Galvanic baths and relative anodes and sets for stylogalvano use are available on request, consisting of stainless steel tweezers plus pen with platinum contact.

Delivery in 15 - 20 days from order.

Delivery in 10 - 15 days from order.



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Technical features

Containers: 4 x 2-liter tanks

Single-phase voltage: 220/50 Watt 250

Heating: W 150

Continuous current: Max Amp. 15

Dimensions: 65 x 37 x 40 h cm

Weight: Kg 23

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