New York jewelry box for necklace. Dimensions:16,5x16,5,5cmx6,3 cm


Jewelery boxes in blue velvet with interior with tab.

Blue velvet interior with white satin sky.

Golden button with aesthetic function.


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OSADA OS-40 micromotor

Robust and reliable micro -chief for continuous operation. With handful and venish pedal switch or manual control. Excellent traction force, operation without vibrations and long duration (Brushless engine). Indispensable for all rectification, polishing and precision milling works with rotating tools. The thin handpiece adapts comfortably to the hand and...

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100% SNOD cube with arm

100% SNOD CUBE with arm with 2 INTERNAL FILTERS for dust recovery Dimensions: 11 L x 15 P x 11 H c, Compatible with the extractor model AIRBOX SIMPLEX and MINIBOX. Delivery in 7 working days.

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Turbo UV 3G glue for glass and repairs

Pegamento monocapa para metales preciosos `` Turbo Forte Kleber '' without solvent with a component que se endurece al aire y pega cases todos los materiales, aunque sean diferentes entre sí - metales - perlas - Relleno de grietas, grietas por ejemplo: cierres - Cuero y madera - Materiales porosos Ideal para pequeñas aplicaciones Fácil de usar,...

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ORION mPULSE goldsmith arc welder with microscope on swivel arm

mPULSE ARC WELDING SYSTEM WITH SWIVEL ARM MICROSCOPEEquipped with a maximum power of 30W per second, versatile and for variable use. The perfect fixture for customers who need a few welds done in a short time. The power of the mPulse with microscope can be adjusted from 5 - 30ws, in steps of 2.5ws, thus equipped with 11 different settings.The weld spot...

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Moissanite tester

Electronic moissanite tester. The test serves to indicate whether the assumed diamond stone is moissanite. The electronic reading recognizes the stone by its thermal conductivity and the response is immediate. Supplied with leatherette case. Battery powered Delivery in 10 - 15 days from order.

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Steam Cleaning machine with dry steam 313516

Steam cleaning unit, operating pressure 4 bar, suitable for the workshop and service. The steam is generated from distilled water and the housing is made of stainless steel. Steam output via handpiece Pressure vessel capacity: 3,5 litre Pressure in vessel: 4 bar Steam temperature: 150 °C Power requirement: 1.100 Watt Volt/Hz: 230 Volt / 60 Hz

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Kit for jewelry 10 - piece cream leatherette

Showcase for cream jewels 14 pieces. The showcase consists of: 5 scale ring exhibitors: 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm. 1 single display for square ring: 4x4 cm. 1 Expositor For Sweeceled Bracelet: Length 19 cm. 1 expositor pendant with height height 10 cm for earrings Exhibitor for necklace height 22 cm Exhibitor for bracelets 24 cm Back in flocked brown...

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Professional rotary tumbler model: MIDI

Tumbler table model Hexagonal PVC tank with 3.5 liter capacity Ball capacity: 3 Kg Adjustable speed 10-> 50 turns Dimensions: 45 L x 25 P x 30 H cm Weight: 12 Kg Delivery in 7 - 10 days from order.

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ORION mPULSE arc welder for goldsmiths with darkening lens

The Orion mPulse welding machine is a compact and economical welding machine that is simple to use.Equipped with Touchscreen to simplify and speed up the work.Equipped with a maximum power of 30 W per second, it is perfect for small and fast welding.The power can be adjusted from 3 to 30 Watts per second in 1 Watt steps.Features:Touchscreen-Display for...

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