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Stock of 6 multi-cut cases. Size: 8.5x8.5, height: 3 cm


Jewelry boxes with black background, gold cover, including shopper.

White / black reversible multi-cut sponge interior.

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Reference: BAI.M.07320

Double shaft cleaner motor - for intensive use

Double shaft cleaner motor - for intensive use Double shaft cleaner motor. Speed: 220 Power: 300 Watt, Rpm: 2.800, Hp: 0.35 Dimensions: width 49cm x depth 13cm x height 20cm. Delivery in 7 - 10 days from order.

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Professional chronograph comparator for watches' Witshi watch Expert

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Watertightness tester up to -0.7 bar pressure vacuum fulfills all the requirements of a modern and simple device for testing waterproofing without requiring a compressor. The depression test is comparable to the daily use of the watch while taking a shower, swimming or snorkeling. Suitable for all types of wristwatches, even for small ceramic...

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