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copy of Kit of 3 scale ring exhibitors. Colors of your choice


Scala ring exhibitors.

Base dimensions: 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm.

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Antibacterial liquid for ear care after application of the earring

Cosmetic with arnica and chamomile suitable for cure just drilled ear, suitable to prevent light irritation of lobes caused by lobes drilling or wearing some earrings. This liquid care and cleans the skin suitable for sensitive skin. Its calming and refreshing effect decreases irritation disorders. Shipping in 10 - 15 days from the order

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Suction bench model: 2 PLACES

Machine designed for workshops and goldsmith factories, composed of a sturdy structure in finely painted steel with scratch-resistant worktop, drawers with three drawers and service containers for each workplace, suction hoods and footrest. The suction hood is equipped with cold light neon lighting, removable suction grill and protection screen in...

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Professional printer Sound110 Plus labels

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PLATY 'minigalvanic' rhodiator with 4 containers of 100 ml

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Professional rotary tumbler model: MIDI

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IDROJET model gypsum shredder

- high pressure rubber for connection to the washing cabin - support trolley Dimensions: cm. 62 x 50 x 140 h Adjustable pump pressure: 120 bar. Pump water flow: 8 lt / min. Pump power: 1650 watts Voltage: 220Volt - 50 Hz.

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Jewelery showcase kit in wood covered in Italian materials. Platinum blue color / blue microfiber.

Kit de vitrina de joyería en madera revestida en materiales italianos. Platinum azul color / azul microfiber. cubierta madera base, dimensions 30x32 cm cubierta madera base, dimensions 20x20 cm back with soporte para fotos, H: 30 cm, whence se puede insertar el logo pantalla with anilla, H: 7 cm curved expositor para pendientes, H: 8 cm curved...

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