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Set of 3 Hand display h 300 mm


E904 Hand display h 30 cm.

Base triangolare di 8,5x9x9,5 cm.



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E904 Hand display h 300 mm

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Reference: STVETR11

Stock base showcase with similar exhibitors. Colors of your choice

Stock showcase for jewelry with base 40x30 cm with the following exhibitors. 1 neck height: 20 cm; 1 comb for necklace height: 22 cm; 1 necklace display: height 22 cm; 3 exhibitors Round ring on scale: height 9, 7, 5 cm; 1 Single Ring display: 35x35 mm; 5 hexagonal exhibitors for rings, height: 12, 10, 8, 6. 4 cm; 1 multiple display for six rings:...

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